Patient perception of the collaborative care model (CCM)

Patient Perception of Collaborative Care Model

The CCM was often well received by patients in part because of the way that it signified genuine concern and caring from providers and staff. A number of participants observed that the clinic had dedicated more attention to the importance of mental health, and they welcomed this change.

For many, the increased attention sent a message reinforcing their beliefs that the clinic really cared about them, as exemplified by a statement from a patient who was notably indifferent towards the PHQ 9 itself. When recounting his experiences with the CCM team, he said, “I like the fact that they are real thorough and see how you’re doing… They actually seem genuine and caring and just want the best for you, for your health.”

Another participant described how she noticed the clinic becoming “more supportive” in the provision of mental health services through the new CCM:


“They ask me, do I need anything? Do I need a counselor or any of that? They started doing that every time I come up here to see my doctor. And it’s good that they got them doing that. Because some of us probably do need it. Right now, it just seems like they got a good team working together…I’m glad they’re doing it that way now. Because it seems like they’ve become more supportive over the years.”


One patient expressed that the support he was receiving from the team at MetroHealth was a huge help when it came to managing his stress and depression, noting their passion and willingness to listen.

“I love MetroHealth because they been doing so great with me, you know? And I’ve been doing great with them because I can talk to them. They don’t judge me. They don’t doubt me. They actually look in my eyes to see that I’m changing, that I humble myself. I’m not like I used to be because when I was depressed and stressed out, I had a – would cut you like a blade. I would say anything on my mind. I didn’t care who you were. It was like my heart was cold as ice. And I had a real bad – that was a real bad attitude problem. That’s not me. It’s not me. So, I just stay away from the people in the streets.”