Case Scenarios

MIDUS - HIV Patients with Bipolar

20% of our patients who present with depression are ultimately diagnosed with bipolar.

Tasha* is a 52 year old HIV positive African American female presenting with chronic, moderate depressive symptoms which did not remit with standard trials of antidepressants (Wellbutrin), SNRIs (venlafaxine) or SSRIs (Zoloft). Tasha had reported no change or worsening of symptoms and was unmotivated to engage in individual psychotherapy or behavioral activation strategies during this time.  More >>


Helping patients remember simple things they enjoy doing

A 51-year-old man living with HIV was diagnosed with HIV 6 months prior to contact with the collaborative care team. He was experiencing moderate depressive symptoms  More >>




PHQ-9 depression screen reveals patient not responding to meds

Bob, a 62-year-old male who has been living with HIV for several years presented to his routine clinic appointment. During his clinic visit, Bob completed an annual PHQ-9 depression screen.  More >>