Initial experience

MIDUS Initial experience

Between July 2015 and December 2017, 1473 patients were screened for depression with the PHQ 2/9, 594 scored a PHQ 9 of > 10. Of the 594, eight patients passed away, two patients asked to be removed from the program, 15 patients moved out of the area, one patient became incarcerated, and one patient stopped receiving their HIV care through MHS. As of December 2017, we had 567 patients that were involved in the collaborative care model. Table 1 includes demographic descriptors for these patients, as well as mental health history and distribution of baseline PHQ 9 scores.

Of the 524 patients that were due for re-measurement, 438 (83.6%) have had at least one follow up PHQ 9 completed and 86 (16.4%) are overdue for their first re-measurement before December 31, 2018. A distribution of follow up measurements can be found in Figure [AA9] 3. In patients with follow up measurements, the median length of time between the baseline and a patient’s first follow up screening was 142 days, or approximately 4.7 months, while the mean was 186.2 days, or approximately 6.1 months.

MIDUS_Initial_Experience Chart

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