Caseload Recommendations



Effective management of patient caseload by a full-time Behavioral Health Care Manager (BHM) and their Consulting Psychiatrist (CP) is dependent upon the program complexity, patient volume, and the characteristics of the target population.

In a fast-paced clinic, BHMs assigned numerous duties outside of the program tend to fall behind on managing their caseloads.

MetroHealth recommends hiring full-time or nearly full-time BHMs dedicated exclusively to the collaborative care program.

At MetroHealth, we utilize one CP 4 hours per week for case consultation, with two full-time BHMs. Each BHM currently manages ~100 patients.

Our target population: Medicaid patients, uninsured adults, and other vulnerable populations.

Our targeted conditions: Anxiety, PTSD, depression, and other mental health or substance use disorders. When we come across severe mental illnesses, patients are usually referred for direct evaluation and management.

Section 3: Collective Clinical Skills