MIDUS is Maximizing the Impact on Depression through Unifying Systems in HIV care.


For many, the increased attention sent a message reinforcing their beliefs that the clinic really cared about them. When recounting experiences with the collaborative care model (CCM) team, one patient said, “I like the fact that they are real thorough and see how you’re doing… They actually seem genuine and caring and just want the best for you, for your health.”

Overview / Outcomes

MIDUS is a collaborative care model with the intention of identifying and treating depressive symptoms among people living with HIV. This model has been used in other primary care settings to bridge the gap in depression care and has been shown to improve access to care, processes, and outcomes.


We’ve provided tools and materials to help you better understand our integrated care model, learn how to implement it, and put it into practice. All of these materials can be used free of charge. However, they are not to be modified without our permission.